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No, Life is not at a stand still

Life has taken some really tough changes for many of us. Artists have been hit pretty hard as have many others. Many of us have not been able to show at the usual places where we show our art, due COVID , since the galleries and the shows have been closed. Shows, on line have been added for many of us and Zoom has become a bi word. Many of our customers have been hit with the virus as well, but still enjoy looking at our art. My sales are not nearly at my usual level, but the number of wonderful comments for customers have kept me adding to my large inventory of completed images.

I entered THIS IS COLORADO show and was awarded the Juror's Pick Award for my mixed medium painting entitled THE TRAPPER.

Last week I installed 20 paintings from Time Honored, Earth Bound, in ROC Gallery located in Aspen Grove Mall on Santa Fe Street. This gallery is now open to the public. An afternoon drive to visit the shops and spend time observing some great art could be a much needed relief from the ties of the COVID. Remember to wear a mask and stay healthy.

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