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Landscape: Seasons

The seasons have influenced the lives of each and every one of us. Some like it hot while others like it cold. Some love the colors that happen during a special time of the year, while others like the activities that happen during a certain time of the year. No matter what each of us loves the seasons do change in the part of the world that I live and paint in.  The different seasons

do inspire me to work in a certain way.  I love to work in the garden during the spring and summer and hike during the season of the changes of color, but I love to paint the snow and streams from the warmth of my studio.  

 I cannot be called an artist that only paints one topic for I love to paint one idea until there are not more picture in my head within that subject. Many of my topics are based in nature but they are not always representational, although I am very much inspired in paint a whole portfolio that is representational at this time.

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