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JoAnn Nelson

I am an Acrylic - Mixed Medium Artist, who is always looking  for a situation, an object or form in nature that  will stimulate the creative process.  I rely heavily on an emotional attachment to that source as my topic to create a body of work.  I use many different materials and techniques to create truth as I see it with an archival end product as a necessity. In my creations, weather representational or abstract there is simplicity, a balance of shapes, from color and texture.  I intentionally depict the contours of an object, with shapes and swirls of color and texture to create an essence rather than a likeness. Capturing emotions and feelings of a special memory and transforming them to be observed and felt by the viewer is my purpose to create a piece of art.  I endeavor to create a bridge where a flow of information can transverse the space between my artwork and another individual.    I  wish to challenge and stimulate others to see more tomorrow than they see today.

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